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Watercolour painter Simon Robin Stephens


I’m Simon Stephens – a watercolour artist in Sutton, specialising in landscapes, seascapes and the architectural. My watercolour paintings for sale bring together the architecture and the landscape, exemplifying the stark contrast between the two, yet showing how they can fit and work together. I have a deep fondness of nature and of walking and those walks with my camera allow me to capture my inspiration before sitting down to paint. I’m a National Trust member and am heavily inspired by that, as well as my travels around the world.


If I were to tell you about Simon Robin Stephens’ artwork, I’d tell you that I like to bring joy and vibrancy to the page when I paint – I love strong colours, bold painting and believe that my paintings make a real statement. I’m self-taught, but work with the Carshalton and Wallington Art Group. I have completed many courses on watercolour painting, through a whole variety of different establishments, and am always looking to improve.






As I said, I’m so inspired by the natural world and by what human beings have been able to build within it. Architecture is as artistic an expression as a painting on a canvas and capturing it on the page brings me such joy. I hope that joy translates into my artwork and you get the same joy from seeing it adorn your wall as I did from painting it!





I was always inspired, even as a very young child, by my mum’s drawing ability. There was something about the way she marked the page – something as simple as charcoal being swiped across paper – that really moved me. Her work was my first real introduction into the world of art and I’ve never looked back since, pushing into my own artistic passion as a student at school, at art college and, finally, as a professional.



Everyone has a crutch that they lean on in difficult times, be it faith, family or food. My support structure is art. It has helped me to deal with personal trauma, drawn me out of dark places and helped me to process, mend and heal. I’m honoured to share that healing with you in my paintings and in my art.







Watercolour paintings and prints for sale a painting of buildings

1. Charismatic

My art style is highly charismatic, bold and brimming with energy. I always aim to bring the world to life with the way that I paint.

2. Passionate

Art and, especially, watercolour painting have always been my primary passion in life. Art has helped me process my emotions and grow as a person.

3. Dramatic

What’s art without drama? With bold colours and strong lines, the contrast between the grey city and green forest bring instant intrigue to your wall.









If you’d like to know more about Simon Robin Stephens’ artwork, then drop me an email at or give me a ring on 07904 023 036 to discuss any commission ideas you might have and anything else about my work.

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