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Watercolour prints and paintings for sale - painting of Carshalton.


My name is Simon Robin Stephens and I’m an artist, based in Sutton. Welcome to my watercolour art gallery! I have a whole host of watercolour paintings for sale, inspired by nature, the city and the people I love. I’m always on the lookout for drama on the page, be it with my bold colours or strong lines. I’m inspired by the contrast between the tranquil countryside and the bustling city, and am fortunate enough to be able to enjoy both on my doorstep! I hope that passion for my surroundings comes through on the page and that you enjoy having my art on your wall as much as I enjoyed bringing these scenes to life!






Landscape watercolour paintings for sale - gallery



The forest, the park, the hills and lakes. Nature has always fascinated me and has been a place where I can retreat to, to find peace and an escape from the busyness of life. This watercolour art gallery comprises some of my most favourite work, capturing some of the most peaceful moments of my life.

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Seascape watercolour paintings for sale - gallery



The sea is the ultimate symbol of freedom. Before air travel, it’s what bore us to other parts of the world, discovering new peoples, civilisations and lands. Despite the excitement and the danger, it’s also a place of unique peace, with waves gently lapping against the shore, warm sand and ancient stone.

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Skyscape watercolour paintings for sale - gallery



The sky represents ultimate drama in nature. Be it crackling with lightning, thundering clouds, bright sunshine or torrential rain, there’s always an element of the theatrical to it. Beyond the clouds, it also represents the ultimate unknown – up in space, far away, who’s waiting there? It’s fascinating.

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Urban watercolour paintings for sale - gallery



Paintings from around the cities I’ve visited in my daily life and on my travels. Most are of London but I also paint scenes from cities around the world. The architecture and the vibrancy of cities have always inspired me during visits. Sometimes, I just have to take a snap or whip out a paintbrush to capture the moments!

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Animal watercolour paintings for sale - gallery



This part of my watercolour art gallery focuses on the animals that make their home in the nature I love to explore and in the homes of the people I care about. Some are commissions, too. Are you looking to immortalise your pet or have a great snap and are looking for a gift for a friend? Head to my Shop now!

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Botanical watercolour paintings for sale - gallery



I’ve always been fascinated by what this earth can create. Not just while it’s growing, but also in decay. Autumn is my favourite season and I find deep beauty in the world, even as things begin to fall. These paintings focus, more broadly speaking, on life and death, as well as the beauty of the natural world.

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I have compiled my past works here whose originals are no longer available for sale, but which still stand as good examples for my body of work. Please feel free to explore this gallery if you would like to buy their prints or seek inspiration for a commission.

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Have a look through my watercolour art galleries, and if you find any pieces interesting or inspiring (which I hope you do!), then pick up a print, a series of post-cards or even an original today and bring a bit of colour to your wall! If you want to commission a piece of art, then get in touch! I love working with people to produce gorgeous, bespoke watercolour pieces.

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